Friday, August 31, 2012

My Current Lip Care Routine

Hey everyone!

I know I've been kind of sucky with posting lately, and trust me I'm on my YouTube, Blogger and Twitter often, I just don't post very often. I'm not exactly good at coming up with ideas and sticking to posting routines, but somehow I get more followers anyways, so I must be doing something right. So thank you. It makes me extremely happy when I do get new followers. :)

Today I will be sharing with all of you my current lip care routine, from when I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed. I've been doing this lip care routine for several months now, with the occasional new product added/removed/replaced or something of that nature, but for the most part it's the same.

Morning time-getting ready: I apply a Chapstick first. My favorite is my mint one. Then I apply either a lipstick or a tinted lip balm. About every other day or so I will use a lip gloss as well.
Around lunch time: I will put on a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss, but not a lipstick, or a Chapstick.
Afternoon: I will put on a Chapstick, currently I have one that I got free from my country fair from some local business that I'm not going to share the name of for safety reasons but the flavor is supposed to be tropical coconut.
Dinner time: After dinner if my lips feel chapped I will use a tinted lip balm or a Chapstick. If I'm going somewhere nice, like dinner or a dance or something I will put on lipstick or lip gloss but normally I just use tinted lip balm or Chapstick. Normally it's Chapstick though.
Right before I go to bed: I will use the Chapstick Ultra Renewal Nighttime Formula. I showed this product in a haul. :) You can check out my review/haul on it here.

So this is my lip care routine, I would love to know what your lip care routines are. And of course I use Chapstick through out the day whenever my lips get chapped, this is just a summary. :)

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I am not being paid for this post. I purchased all products mentioned in this post with my own money.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aeropostale And Forever 21 Mini Haul

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've MIA from the blog world lately, I've really been getting into my YouTube account. :) Plus I've been playing around with new makeup, had friends in town, and of course, shopping! Today I have a haul post for you guys. I was at my local mall today with my Mom because she needed to pick up a few things, and she offered for me to come with too! So I did. :) Because what teenage girl, especially one who runs a beauty and fashion blog, wouldn't want to go with to the mall? Anyways I only purchased two things because I'm trying to save money, so this is a really small haul, but whatever. So lets get started!

So I bought this cami from Aeropostale. I have a gift card to there, and figured why not? Stripes are really in right now and I'm going to see my BFF in a couple days, and wanted a new shirt. :) They also had this tank top available in a dark red wine color, but I thought pink was better looking on me, and more clean and fresh looking. Through all the discounts and sales and everything going on, I got it for about $8.

And then I got this Love & Beauty mascara for $1.50 at Forever 21. It's skinny, but it's tall, so it's probably on average a little smaller then the normal sized Covergirl mascara. On the box it didn't say the type of mascara, so I had to take a gamble with it being lengthening or volumizing (did I spell that right??) but I figured for a buck fifty, why not? I opened it up right after I snapped the photo and it's black mascara with a slightly curved wand. I put some on, but I couldn't tell if it were lengthening mascara or not (what I like) because I already had mascara on under it and to me it wasn't worth taking off. This was my first time buying ANYTHING from Forever 21 and I will definitely be returning, whether it be for clothes, makeup or jewelery. There prices are insanely cheap and to me it appears to be fairly good quality and really nice style and everything. Mom, Dad, Christmas presents maybe??

So for those of you who follow me on Twitter (@JosieSparkle1) you know that I went to MAC today for the first time in my life. Yeah....that didn't turn out so well. I walked into the MAC store, keep in mind this was in a mall, not a stand alone store like other MACS I've seen, so it was a bit smaller. Anyways, I was the only person in the entire store (my Mom was at another shop or whatever) besides the two workers. I'm not allowed to say my age, but it's not like I look like an adult. I'm not 17 or anything, I'm fairly short, and I can still fit into clothes from Justice. To some people I look way older then I am, to some, way younger. Anyways, I walked into the MAC and they asked me if they could help me find anything. I said I was just browsing. I looked around for a little bit, keep in my mind this was my first time ever in a MAC and realized that NOTHING had price tags on it, and I'm a girl on a budget (saving up my babysitting money!) so I can't just take products up to the register and hope my wallet has enough in it. I'm kind of shy unless I know you well, that's why I like blogging and the fact I'm not allowed to show my face to the camera in YouTube videos, I'm not the kind of person that will ask how much it is and then not buy it if it's too expensive. Like I'm also not the type of person to go into the Sephora and have them give me a makeover and not buy any of the products, it makes me feel guilty, like I did something wrong, unless I have friends with me, then I don't feel as weird or wrong. Anyways, I was in the MAC for all of two minutes. And then I left. I spent a greater amount of time later in the day in Sephora, but didn't get anything there either. I like Sephora better because they have price tags, but my favorite makeup store is still ULTA. So yeah, that was my MAC experience. If I need something from MAC, I'll probably order it online so it's less awkward and everything, or go to another MAC store and see if it's better. Or maybe go on a weekend where there's more people in the store, so I'm not the only one. I don't know you guys.

But anyways, as always thank you for reading! Please leave any requests down below.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Elf Glossy Gloss Review + Update

Hey everyone!

So today I will be reviewing the Elf Glossy Gloss lip gloss. Today I be giving you a quick update on my life and where I've been these last few weeks! So lets get started with the review!

(sorry for bad photo quality!) So I purchased this Elf Glossy Gloss at the Dollar Tree. So therefore it cost $1. I normally wouldn't purchase a lip gloss from the Dollar Tree, just because I have lots of lip glosses and it would be a waste of money. But I don't have lip glosses from Elf and it was only a buck, so I figured why not? I'm not sure of the shade anymore because I threw away the packaging and forgot to write it down (silly me!) but I know it was the only shade they had available. I think it might of had the word dragon in it, but I don't know. Sorry!

One thing that really disappointed me about this product is the size of how much lip gloss you actually get. I was expecting it to be the full length of the box, but in reality what you can through the little window thing, is all you get. It's really tiny. I wasn't too horribly upset about it because I did only pay a dollar for it, if it were a MAC lip gloss or a NYX one or something like that I might of been more upset, but just be aware of this if you're going to buy this.

One more thing that surprised me about this product was the applicator. For some reason I expected it to be a felt tip sponge applicator, or whatever it's called, the standard brush. But it's really a brush tip applicator, which isn't a bad thing, but to be honest, I had never used one of these before, or even heard of them, so I was like what the heck? But it's all good now, I just want to tell you guys about that.

It doesn't have a bad taste, but it's not yummy either. It doesn't have a flavor, but trust me it's not bad. Once I got these one lip glosses that were themed after the TV show Glee, and they tasted SO horrible I wanted to vomit. Not kidding. Anyways overall I would give it four stars. It could be better, it could be worse, but for a buck it was money well spent. :)

So as many of you may know I was on vacation in California and Las Vegas. Me and my family flew into Vegas and stayed there for a couple days and then took a rental car to my Grandma's house in California. I had so much fun, I got to see my cousins and everything. The only bad thing was the rub/scab thing I got from the boogie board, but whatever. :) I got a chance to go shopping while I was there and I uploaded a haul video on my YouTube channel, so if you want to check that out, go right ahead! And please subscribe. :) There are 27 of you subscribed to this blog and only 3 on my YouTube channel. I know there must be more of you who follow this blog that also have YouTube accounts. :D Also, my Twitter account user name has changed from MisssSparkle to JosieSparkle1. I thought that might be a little easier to remember since my old one had an extra S in it and everything, plus I think my new name fits me a little better. :)

One other thing I found out on vacation is that it's funny how when you're little how much you idolize somebody and then you realize they really aren't the best role models. I'm not going to name names or even say how she's related to me (just in the rare miracle she discovers my blog) but I used to think of her as my role model, she's a family member. I used to think of her as the prettiest girl on the planet. But I recently saw her and my makeup savy self discovered that she wears literally a gallon of makeup on her face (mostly foundation), that her hair is died that pretty color, she's overweight, she doesn't wear a seat belt all the time, and yeah. Don't get me wrong, I still love her and I don't think she's a bad person or anything like that, it's just that I wanted to share that with you. She's still pretty and everything, but there is no way that she needs that much makeup. Seriously I'm not even joking you, she has SO much makeup on. You can 100 percent tell it doesn't look natural.

To all my dear followers,
Please don't ever wear that much,
me. :)

Anyways enough about my vacation, hope you guys are all having an excellent day! And I plan to post more often now that I'm back, what would you guys like to see posts on? Give me any ideas and I possibly do them. Thank you!

Josie (AKA Miss Sparkle)