Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lip Product Haul!

Hey everyone!

I have a haul for you, and it's all lip products! I didn't mean for it to be a lip only haul, but it just kind of ended up that way. :) Once again, like all my hauls, there's only a couple of items. And yes, I have used them. :) But that's only so that underneath the picture and description of what the product is I can sort of do a mini review on it. Get it?  Just like in one of my hauls a few weeks ago, I did get these products at a very discounted price. I bought them for a closing K-mart store in my area where the products were 60 or 70 percent off the clearance price. I don't know the exact price because my products were put on the same receipt as the rest of my families and my Dad kept the receipt but I know the lipsticks ended up being around 75 cents and the Chapstick was a little bit more then that I think.Anyways lets get started!

2 Jordana lipsticks
Chapstick Renewal Nighttime Formula (0.25 oz.)

We can start with the Chapstick. This is not a roll on Chapstick, it's a squeeze on tube. Basically what you're supposed to do is put it on every night before you go to bed. I don't put it on until after my teeth are brushed and my last sip of water has been drank, because I think it's silly to then waste the product and have to reply it. Especially if there's only a quarter of a ounce in there. I hate having dry, cracked, chapped lips, so I really like this formula. It's stays on most of the night and into the morning. The first night I had it on it was still there the next morning, like I could still feel it on my lips, but then some nights (mostly the warmer nights) it will be gone in the morning. My lips will still be moisturized, but the actual product won't be there anymore. I think I might of just rubbed it off on my comforter or something, or maybe licked my lips because I was hot or something? I don't really know.. I'm getting off subject.

This is just a picture so you can see the shades. I really should stop using a purple background because it makes the shades look several times darker then they currently are.....but whatever. The shade on the right is 03 Cherry Pie. It's lighter then it looks but not by a ton. It's a nice mix between a pink and a red. These are not matte lipsticks, but they still go on incredibly smooth. And one thing I love about Jordana lipsticks are that they are how good they taste. They don't taste all chemical and dye like, they don't have a lipstick taste. They taste like fruit, they have flavors. 03 Cherry Pie tastes like fruit, it kind of really does taste like Cherry Pie! Now I'm not saying that they're Lip Smackers or anything like that, nowhere near that much flavor, but they still have a yummy taste to it.

The lipstick on the right is 16 Rose Beige. This color is once again lighter then it appears in the picture. It's a light color, and it almost the natural shade of my lips, a little bit lighter actually. I could apply it and look like I don't have lipstick on, which I like. If I want something smooth and tinted, without having a neon pink lip or a red lip, I could wear this. This lipstick tastes good, but not as good as 03 Cherry Pie. It has a more faded taste, but I can still taste a little bit of fruit punch.

Thanks so much for reading! Have you tried any of these products? Do you notice that Jordana lipsticks have a flavor to them also? Or is it just a scent and my brain is confusing the two? Let me know!

Miss Sparkle