Friday, June 1, 2012

Neutal Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing a neutral eye makeup tutorial. This I think looks good on any eye color. I have blue eyes and it looks nice, and I think it work especially well on brown eyes. Let me start off with an apolgoly and warning first. The photo is quality is going to be REALLY BAD, I'm SO sorry about that. Also, the warning is that the palette I'm using is almost gone. Not because I used it all, but I dropped it on the tile floor in my bathroom one day and half of colors just broke out of the palette and crumbled up on the floor. So I had to vacuum and everything....anyways... the palette is from LA Colors (avabile at The Dollar Tree) the palette that I have they don't carry anymore, but I think the name of the palette is Trendy. It was all browns, tans, bronzes and other like colors. So let's get started!

1. A neutral/brown palette or a bunch of neutral/brown eye shadows
2. Two or three applicators or clean fingers
3. A flat thin square makeup brush (example the MAC 212)
4. Water or a damp cloth
5. Eyeliner
6. Mascara

 Step 1. So really any neutral shaded palette will work, I just used this one because the colors are almost gone and I'm trying to empty out the palette. The palette is actually a little bigger then this, but I just zoomed in because these are the only colors we'll be using. If you prime your eyes then go ahead, but I normally don't because primers are so expensive.

Step 2. Take the second top left color and go over your entire eye with it. It's actually a lot lighter then it appears, it looks a lot like MAC's eyeshadow in the shade Honesty. Brush the neutral light color all over your entire eye. You can use whatever brush you would like or an applicator, I normally wind up just using my fingers instead.

Step 3. Take the middle color from the second row and put that on the inner half of your eye. A color that looks a lot like it is Champagne from Smashbox, just without the sparkle and glitter. It's a very orange-y brown color. You can apply this with whatever you like, I personally like using my finger to apply all of my eye shadows.

Step 4. Take the right color from the second row and apply that on the outer half of your eye and up a little bit towards your brow. Not up up, but just kind of winged out a little bit. It's a lot like the last color but darker and more brown tinted then orange tinted, a lot like the color Adobe from Smashbox. Once again you can use whatever you please to apply this eyeshadow, I personally prefer my finger.

Step 5. Blend the outer color with the inner color in the middle of your eye so there aren't any harsh edges for where the colors meet. Then using the same brush, brush some of the eye shadows that winged up a little bit and brush it down more towards your lid.

Step 6. Brush one light dusting of the top left color onto your brow bone if you please for a highlight color. I don't usually use a highlight color, but sometimes I do. The highlight color looks a lot like the lightest color avabile in the trio from Covergirl, Golden Sunset.

Step 7. Using the water or damp cloth go under and around wiping any excess eyeshadow off of your face.

Step 8. Line your eyes with your favorite eyeliner. I was using a gray/black pencil the few days that I was testing out this makeup look, but I'm thinking a brown eyeliner would look even better. As far as brown liquid eyeliners go, one of my favorite cheap ones is from Sally Girl.

Step 9. One or two coats of mascara. If this is going to be for a daytime look (i.e school, babysitting, a family reunion, going to the lake, etc.) then you probably want one coat of mascara but for a nighttime look (i.e a date, a school dance, a party, etc.) then you might want two coats of mascara.

I hope you enjoyed this look and please tell me what you thought of it in the comments. Did this look turn out for you? Do you want more tutorials? Please let me know!

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