Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beauty Rave- White Eyeliner

Hey everyone!

I'm sure all of you lovely beauties in the beauty world have heard the rave about white eyeliner. Today I am going to share with you how it works, some ways to use it, and at the end of the post, some places to buy it. :)


White eyeliner can be used in many different ways, for your upper lash line, inner corner, lower lash line, waterline, tightline, under your brow bone, as a highlighter, and probably more ways! 

Here is how I use white eyeliner:
Every day I will line two thirds of my brows with white eyeliner. A trick of how to line is to place your index finger at the very start of your brow and then your thumb at the very end, then line the space in between it, but only the bottom! Then take your ring finger and gently blend out the color.

Another way I use white eyeliner almost every day is by putting on my inner corner, it works much better then a shimmery eyeshadow because a shimmery eyeshadow wears off easier then eyeliner does. 

Sometimes when I want my eyes to look bigger, I line my waterline with white eyeliner. Lining your waterline with eyeliner makes them look bigger and wider.

I've never tried lining my upper lash line with it, because I feel it's a more dramatic and noticeable look, and it doesn't look half as natural as black, gray or brown eyeliner does. 

You can line your tightline or your lower lash line, but just as with the upper lash line, I prefer not do this look. :)

I've heard people use it as highlighter too, and on their cupids bow, but I like to stick to the basics.

Some cheap places to buy white eyeliner for all my girls on a budget:
Walgreens, Jordana Cosmetics has a white eyeliner available for 99 cents and a mini one for 69 cents. 
Ulta, the brand Essence has a miniature white eyeliner for 99 cents. (Miniature meaning about half the size of a normal eyeliner.)
Target, Wet N Wild has one for around a dollar, I can't remember the exact price, but it's fairly cheap. :)

So have you tried white eyeliner? Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below! 


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(DELAYED) Back To School Ulta Beauty Haul

Hey everyone!

This is a really late post, but I've had the picture sitting on my iPod and I still wanted to post this haul, so even though it's late and I got these products almost three weeks ago. I hope it's okay that this post is delayed though. Anyways this was my back to school beauty haul from Ulta. My parents took us shopping for back to school stuff and I was given $30 to spend at Ulta, and this is what I got. It's only four things, but I think that's pretty well done for shopping at Ulta where they sell eyeshadows for $18.

The first thing I got is the Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner in brown, I'm not sure if there was a shade number or a number, because I threw away the packaging a long time ago and I can't read it my blurry picture (sorry for the bad pic!) and yeah. But the reason I got this is because I am almost out of my brown liquid eyeliner so I picked this up. Even though this is a liquid eyeliner, it comes in more pen form then a brush form. I do like it, but not as much as my Sally Girl brown liquid eyeliner.

The next thing I got is my L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche tinted lip balm. I got one of these for several reasons, number one it was recommend to me by one of the ladies shopping with me, and two I had heard of these and thought they sounded cool. If you ever used a Baby Lips from Maybelline, it's a lot like those except for the Colour Riche are more creamy and well, rich. :) Just like a lip balm or a Chapstick, it's very sheer. So go a few shades darker then your normally would. I would normally get the color Pink Satin or Rose Elixir, but I got number 219, Plush Plum which is the darkest shade they have, because it's so sheer. I do recommend these, and the best part is if you're one of those girls who is worried about touching up her lips in the car or in class or something because you're afraid it might get all over your lips or chin or something like that, you don't have to worry while using one of these, because they're so sheer it won't really show up on your skin.

The third thing I got is from NYX, it's their blue lip gloss. I've heard so many beauty gurus talking about blue lip gloss and how amazing it is, and I could never find one until I went to Ulta and really looked at the NYX section, it was kind of hidden the mass of their amazing beauty products. :) Anyways, what a blue lip gloss does, if you don't know is the blue in the lip gloss makes your teeth appear whiter. And the best part is, your lips don't actually look blue, they just like you have a clear lip gloss on it because it's sheer, but your teeth still look whiter! Don't expect for them to pearly white like snow if they're yellowish from or soda, tea, or coffee stains, but they will be a little bit whiter looking.

The last product I got wasn't actually a beauty item, it's a headband from the company Elle. I picked this headband up because of how pretty it was and how I thought I could wear it to the gym and everything. I don't regret the purchase because it was really pretty and I do like it, but it's itchy! Many of you know my obessions with headbands (my first YouTube tweets....) anyways, I love headbands. My favorite accessory. I do tend to like the hard, formed, molded ones better, but I thought that this one is more of a stretchy one would be better to wear to the gym, and it is,except the little flowers and sparkles on it are really itchy. So just be warned of that before you buy this.

Okay, so that's my delayed Back To School Ulta Beauty Haul! Hope you guys enjoyed!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Beauty/Fashon Gurus On YouTube

Hey everyone I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far and I thought today I would share with you my top ten favorite YouTube beauty and fashion gurus, in ORDER. :) I will link my top 3. :)

10. Lauren, lulux7000 she has amazing videos and I love them! I don't watch many people who posts adds on videos, but I decided to take a chance and watch a couple of hers and I really like them! The only thing that annoys me is her SUPER sillyness and her lack of posting, but hey, at least she made it on this list. :)
9.Ingrid, missglamorazzi. I also just recently started watching her videos and I like them, not as much as any of the other gurus I have posted under her name, but still enough to put her on this list. :) As I said, I only recently starting watching her videos so I don't really have much to say about her.

 8. Elise, TheBubbleGumPrincess. I love her videos because she uploads frequently and SHE has two kids she has to deal with while she posts videos. The only thing I don't like is how serious she is the most time (I mean she's funny, but not in the same kind of way that Bethany and Blair are) but I do like her videos.

7. Bethany, macbarbie07. I've only recently starting watching her videos and she reminds me a lot of Blair Fowler. I love her videos because not only are they good quality, but they're funny and quirky and silly, but still fun and informative.

6. Mindy, cutegirlshairstyles, Mindy uploads amazing hair tutorials every Sunday! They are always very pretty and fairly easy to do.

5. madiglam1, Madi's videos are great. They are interesting and she always looks great. She doesn't post nearly as often as Tori does, but she still manages to update frequently.  Check her out. :)

4. cutepolish, this girls nail polish tutorials are the bomb! Seriously they are incredible. Check 'em out.

3. Elle Fowler, AllThatGlitters21. The only reason she's not my favorite is because how much older she is then me, and how much more adult like and grown up she is then Blair. But otherwise, she and Blair are tied.

2. Blair Fowler, juicystar07. I'll be the first to admit she was the first YouTube guru I ever watched so she should be my favorite but she's not. The only reason she isn't my favorite is because of how un-often she posts and when she does it's mainly sponsored videos. But I know she is trying to change that and I am happy that she is doing that. She does awesome makeup tutorials and she has an amazing sense of style. I am even getting to meet her and her sister and get to/got to (can't reveal where I live) meet her at a book signing this month!

1. Tori, macup101. Her videos are amazing, nicely edited, very creative ideas, is a teenager, not like twenty, and is somewhere around my age. And she's REAL. She's not a girl with a million dollars to spend on as much MAC products as she wants, she has to save up her money and buy products. But my favorite thing about her is how often she posts, she posts about 5-6 videos per week. And I get so excited when she does because I LOVE her videos. Seriously everyone who is subscribed to me should go check her out, you won't regret it. She recently hit 2,000 subbies and I am so proud of her, I subbed to her when she had about 700 and have been watching her videos since about 200. The only reason I didn't sub right when I saw her first video is because I didn't have a YouTube account. I seriously think she could be the next Elle and Blair Fowler.

Love you all!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bay Kennish Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!

So guess what? The return of Switched At Birth comes on tomorrow night! So I decided to do a makeup tutorial on one of the main characters, Bay Kennish! Bay Kennish is played by the lovely, talented and beautiful,Vanessa Marano. If you're looking for a special look to wear during the premiere, then why not try out this look? And just for a quick note, I do not own the photo above all. I got the photo from Google Images.

1.  Bay has very natural and flawless looking skin, but it's not caked on so much that you can tell there's makeup there. So for this look you probably don't want to use foundation, but a BB cream and then use concealer over any blemishes.
2. Use a very light colored peach eyeshadow,  I don't own this color, but I've seen photos of it and MACS Naked Lunch looks like the perfect color. Otherwise the lid color from Wet N Wild's Walking On Eggshell's trio, will do, although the look would be pulled off easier without sparkles in it. If you would like your look to be a little darker you can try MACS Brule.
3. Line your upper lash line with a dark gray to black colored eyeliner. Do a thicker line then you normally would, but not so much that it looks goth like. Then smudge it a little bit with either a smudging brush or your finger. Be careful not to smudge it so much that it looks like a smokey eye or that your eyeliner becomes your shadow, just a little bit so the line isn't as dark and popping out at you.
4. Line your tight line with black eyeliner.
5. Put a white eyeliner on your inner corner and then blend it out with your ring finger.
6. Apply one coat of mascara. Bay's lashes aren't very long and they don't pop out at you, but they're still there. They look natural almost, so apply one coat of your favorite mascara.
7. Line your waterline with a peach colored eyeliner.
8. On a flat brush eyeshadow brush bring some navy blue eyeshadow down to your lower lash line and line about one third to half of it, starting off with it darker and slowly bringing the color down.
9. Use a very light colored blush, I recommend Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blush in number 15, Rose Petal. I would prefer this color to be a powder blush instead of a cream blush, I feel as if it would pull together the look better, but this is what I'm going to have to work with.
10. Apply a light pink colored lipstick, and then a lip gloss over it, or just a lip gloss. I'm going to use the product I hauled a couple weeks Elf's Glossy Gloss in the shade Dragonfruit (I finally found the shade name!)
11. This step is optional. Bay has incredibly defined eyebrows. I personally do not fill in my brows or do anything to them except comb them all so all the hairs are going the same direction, but if you please, you may fill in your brows to match Bay's more.

Okay! So I hope this tutorial was helpful! I cannot wait for the premiere, there were so many loose ends left hanging and I hope this season will tie some of the off! And once again, I do not own the photo above. :)