Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bay Kennish Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!

So guess what? The return of Switched At Birth comes on tomorrow night! So I decided to do a makeup tutorial on one of the main characters, Bay Kennish! Bay Kennish is played by the lovely, talented and beautiful,Vanessa Marano. If you're looking for a special look to wear during the premiere, then why not try out this look? And just for a quick note, I do not own the photo above all. I got the photo from Google Images.

1.  Bay has very natural and flawless looking skin, but it's not caked on so much that you can tell there's makeup there. So for this look you probably don't want to use foundation, but a BB cream and then use concealer over any blemishes.
2. Use a very light colored peach eyeshadow,  I don't own this color, but I've seen photos of it and MACS Naked Lunch looks like the perfect color. Otherwise the lid color from Wet N Wild's Walking On Eggshell's trio, will do, although the look would be pulled off easier without sparkles in it. If you would like your look to be a little darker you can try MACS Brule.
3. Line your upper lash line with a dark gray to black colored eyeliner. Do a thicker line then you normally would, but not so much that it looks goth like. Then smudge it a little bit with either a smudging brush or your finger. Be careful not to smudge it so much that it looks like a smokey eye or that your eyeliner becomes your shadow, just a little bit so the line isn't as dark and popping out at you.
4. Line your tight line with black eyeliner.
5. Put a white eyeliner on your inner corner and then blend it out with your ring finger.
6. Apply one coat of mascara. Bay's lashes aren't very long and they don't pop out at you, but they're still there. They look natural almost, so apply one coat of your favorite mascara.
7. Line your waterline with a peach colored eyeliner.
8. On a flat brush eyeshadow brush bring some navy blue eyeshadow down to your lower lash line and line about one third to half of it, starting off with it darker and slowly bringing the color down.
9. Use a very light colored blush, I recommend Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blush in number 15, Rose Petal. I would prefer this color to be a powder blush instead of a cream blush, I feel as if it would pull together the look better, but this is what I'm going to have to work with.
10. Apply a light pink colored lipstick, and then a lip gloss over it, or just a lip gloss. I'm going to use the product I hauled a couple weeks Elf's Glossy Gloss in the shade Dragonfruit (I finally found the shade name!)
11. This step is optional. Bay has incredibly defined eyebrows. I personally do not fill in my brows or do anything to them except comb them all so all the hairs are going the same direction, but if you please, you may fill in your brows to match Bay's more.

Okay! So I hope this tutorial was helpful! I cannot wait for the premiere, there were so many loose ends left hanging and I hope this season will tie some of the off! And once again, I do not own the photo above. :)