Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(DELAYED) Back To School Ulta Beauty Haul

Hey everyone!

This is a really late post, but I've had the picture sitting on my iPod and I still wanted to post this haul, so even though it's late and I got these products almost three weeks ago. I hope it's okay that this post is delayed though. Anyways this was my back to school beauty haul from Ulta. My parents took us shopping for back to school stuff and I was given $30 to spend at Ulta, and this is what I got. It's only four things, but I think that's pretty well done for shopping at Ulta where they sell eyeshadows for $18.

The first thing I got is the Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner in brown, I'm not sure if there was a shade number or a number, because I threw away the packaging a long time ago and I can't read it my blurry picture (sorry for the bad pic!) and yeah. But the reason I got this is because I am almost out of my brown liquid eyeliner so I picked this up. Even though this is a liquid eyeliner, it comes in more pen form then a brush form. I do like it, but not as much as my Sally Girl brown liquid eyeliner.

The next thing I got is my L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche tinted lip balm. I got one of these for several reasons, number one it was recommend to me by one of the ladies shopping with me, and two I had heard of these and thought they sounded cool. If you ever used a Baby Lips from Maybelline, it's a lot like those except for the Colour Riche are more creamy and well, rich. :) Just like a lip balm or a Chapstick, it's very sheer. So go a few shades darker then your normally would. I would normally get the color Pink Satin or Rose Elixir, but I got number 219, Plush Plum which is the darkest shade they have, because it's so sheer. I do recommend these, and the best part is if you're one of those girls who is worried about touching up her lips in the car or in class or something because you're afraid it might get all over your lips or chin or something like that, you don't have to worry while using one of these, because they're so sheer it won't really show up on your skin.

The third thing I got is from NYX, it's their blue lip gloss. I've heard so many beauty gurus talking about blue lip gloss and how amazing it is, and I could never find one until I went to Ulta and really looked at the NYX section, it was kind of hidden the mass of their amazing beauty products. :) Anyways, what a blue lip gloss does, if you don't know is the blue in the lip gloss makes your teeth appear whiter. And the best part is, your lips don't actually look blue, they just like you have a clear lip gloss on it because it's sheer, but your teeth still look whiter! Don't expect for them to pearly white like snow if they're yellowish from or soda, tea, or coffee stains, but they will be a little bit whiter looking.

The last product I got wasn't actually a beauty item, it's a headband from the company Elle. I picked this headband up because of how pretty it was and how I thought I could wear it to the gym and everything. I don't regret the purchase because it was really pretty and I do like it, but it's itchy! Many of you know my obessions with headbands (my first YouTube tweets....) anyways, I love headbands. My favorite accessory. I do tend to like the hard, formed, molded ones better, but I thought that this one is more of a stretchy one would be better to wear to the gym, and it is,except the little flowers and sparkles on it are really itchy. So just be warned of that before you buy this.

Okay, so that's my delayed Back To School Ulta Beauty Haul! Hope you guys enjoyed!