Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sixteen Super Questions And Facts Tag!

 Hi everyone!

Since I'm new to the beauty and fashion blogging world, I decided that I'd start my own tag. This way you guys can learn a bit more about me! I tag all of you guys to do this tag! And if you decide to do this tag please say so in the comments below! My answers are in a purple text.

1. What is your favorite movie currently? I'd have to say either The Twilight Saga: Eclipse or The Proposal. I love them both!
2. What is your favorite makeup or cosmetic product? I would have to say probably mascara.
3. Favorite store? Aeropostale and Goodwill. If you wash the clothes from thrift stores, most are pretty good quality! And look super cute!
4. Favorite YouTuber(s)? Elle and Blair Fowler! They both have two channels, so technially I watch four channels, but it's two people. I will put their channel names at the bottom of this post. 
5. What computer are you using to blog? An old stupid (sorry computer!) slow emachine. I sometimes also use an old desktop Dell computer. And then sometimes I'll use my Dad's computer which I forget the name of, but normally I use an emachine computer.
6. What nail polish are you wearing on your nails? Purple and blue. I'm wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polish in Deep Purple and then a blue color on some of my nails on a really old bottle I have. I can't read the label because the print on has been worn off/covered in dripping nail polish.
7. Favorite song? I love What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I also love We Found Love by Rihanna and Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavinge. Even though the last one is a few years old!
8. Favorite sport? Gymnastics! Don't you dare say that gymnastics is not a sport, it is! It's in the Olympics! I love watching it! It just amazes me how fast and strong those beautiful girls are! I also love playing/watching basketball, cheer, dance and ice skating.
9. Favorite restaurant? Olive Garden! I've only been there once in my life and love it!
10. Favorite animal? Kitties! I love cats, but especially love kittens!
10. Favorite book? I've read The Twilight Series books and loved those along with The Hunger Games. I also just read the book Full Circle by Mona Ingram and loved that too although I wouldn't consider it my favorite. I have read some of these books on my Kindle iPod app too. And the book Set In Stone by Beth Balmanno is really good too! It's hard to pick a favorite! Links will be at the bottom of this post!
11. Favorite perfume? Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. I've also used the American Girl fragrance Get Ready, Get Scent, Go! I've used those in the apple scent, tropical scent and flower scent. I love those! I have also used and loved the perfume Midnight Mermaid sold at Hot Topic a few years ago. However this scent was discontinued.
12. Favorite food ever? Pasta! Probably spaghetti or Alfredo pasta. 
13. One random fact about yourself: I brush my teeth before I go anywhere! I hate having white stuff (I think it's called tartar) stuck around the edges of my teeth! I personally think it looks disgusting!
14. Bracelets or necklaces? Bracelets! I feel like necklaces always get in my way when I'm walking or eating or something. 
15. When was the last time you cried? You don't have to say why: Last night. 
16 . What is the name of one of your pets if you have one? Jack.

Miss Sparkle!



The Hunger Games:  

 Full Circle

Set In Stone

How To: Have A Perfect Pretty Pink Lip Color

Hi guys!

Today I'm doing a How To post. I love wearing pink lipstick, but mine is to bright and neon to wear everyday so I make my own. This is a very simple and pretty look to wear.

First I use lipstick number 510A by Wet N Wild on my lips, but any similar color should work. Although you won't get the exact same color. Don't go super dark like you do when you just wear one shade though. Next you take a bright neon type pink color. I use lipstick number CP232 by L.A Colors. I put that on OVER the first color and smack my lips once or twice together.

There you have it! A perfect pink color!

Miss Sparkle!

MINI HAUL!- Bath & Body Works

Hi everyone!

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a blog post! Anyways I just wanted to quickly do this mini haul video. I was at the mall the other day and stopped by Bath & Body Works. I only needed to get one thing that I received for Christmas that I was running low on, but I ended up getting these two things:

Nectarine Mint HandiBac. I love this stuff because like most people I HATE being sick and like to clean my hands as often as possible to avoid getting sick. Soap and water isn't always avabile and hand sanitizer can smell bad and can really dry your hands out (even the kind with Aloe in it can dry your hands out) so I like to use this stuff. This lotion is antibacterial lotion so it has sanatizing stuff in it to kill germs on your hands and moisturize. This stuff is even made in a small travel size/purse sized bottle/tube!

The other thing I got was also HandiBac in the Twilight Woods scent.

Right now Bath & Body Works is having a sale where instead of buying them for $4 each, you can get two for five dollars. That's how I ended up with two. :)

Miss Sparkle!

NOTE: This post was not sponsored at all by Bath and Body Works. All opinions are my own.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Practice Braiding Your Hair

Hey everyone!

Let's face it, it can be hard to braid your hair. It's tricky grabbing three pieces of hair with two hands while trying to keep it straight and hold on to a hair tie. So today I'm going to give you a few tips on how to practice braiding your hair, besides just using your hair.

1. Get three pieces of ribbon, yarn or string and tape them to any flat surface and practice braiding.

2. Get a friend over and practice braiding their hair,

3. Get a baby doll you had from when you were little (that has hair) or that you still have, or one from your little sister, niece, cousin etc. and practice braiding on the doll.

I hope this helped!

Miss Sparkle

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Worst Case Scenario: You Only Brought Some Of Your Makeup!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be doing a worst case scenario post. What would happen if you forgot one of your most important cosmetics to bring with you on vacation? And couldn't go buy another one at the store? Well I have some tips for you! I'm going to pick a few random beauty items so that if you ever forget one of these, you'll know what you can use instead. Then I'm going to tell you some other beauty items you could use to try and substitute for for the beauty item you forgot. Even though these tips might not be the best for your skin or look as good as the product you forgot, remember these should only be used as a substitute!


If you forgot blush, try using a round makeup brush that you would normally use for blush and apply some pink or light red eyeshadow. I have used this before and it works very well.

If you forgot bronzer, try using a round makeup brush that you would normally use for bronzer and apply some brown or tan eyeshadow. Gold might work too depending on your skin tone. I have used the before and it works very well.

If you forgot eyeshadow and want a pink or brown color, try using either some blush or bronzer. If you want a bright pick try rubbing your index finger or your ring finer in a tube of lipstick and gently applying that to your eyelid. I've never tried this technique before so I'm not sure how well this actually works.

If you forgot eyeliner, try using a flat thin makeup brush and dipping that in a tube of mascara or gray/black eyeshadow and then lining your eye. But if you don't have a makeup brush with you, you could try using the very tip of a mascara brush and trying to line your eye with that. I've never tried this technique before so I'm sure how well this actually works, although I've seen many people who have used the makeup brush and eyeshadow as eyeliner.

If you forgot lipliner try using a flat thin makeup brush and put some lipstick on it. Then outline your lips with that. Or if you have eyeliner that matches your lipstick color you could use that maybe. I don't use lipliner very often so I'm not really sure. I've never used this idea before so I'm not sure if this works for sure.

If you forgot lipstick try using a lip liner and just coloring in all of your lips with it. I've actually used this idea and it works very well.

Thanks for reading!
Miss Sparkle!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Everyday Makeup Look

I don't wear a ton of makeup everyday, but I do wear some. And most of it is cheap too. I'm going to write this post in order of what I put on first, and then I'll write the name of the cosmetic and where I purchased it from. Although I have gotten a lot of my cosmetics for my birthday (and Christmas) as gifts.

1. L.A Colors brown eyeshadow palette. I start with a lighter brown/orange color and work that into my eyelid. After that I put on a coat of the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) darkest brown and apply that. I sometimes try to get that into my crease. After that I take a small flat makeup brush and blend it together. I got the eyeshadow from Dollar Tree and the makeup brushes as a gift, but I know they're from Big Lots!

2. Cream Blush. I got this cream blush that I purchased at a yard sale several years ago. Okay I know your not supposed to use makeup from yard sales and I know you're supposed to throw away your  makeup after a year, and I do normally. But this blush was an exception. I love the color and the quality of the product. I think it by Avon, but the writing on the package thing (it's sort of like a lipstick tube but it's thicker) is so worn I can't even read it. What I really like about this blush though is because even though I can't apply it directly to my face anymore (its all gone,) I can rub my finger in the tube and apply it to my face that way. I rub in into my cheeks and then normally I get a little water on my both my hands and rub some off, as I normally put on too much./

3. Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara. I love mascara. Mascara is literally my favorite makeup product ever. I used Hardcandy mascara for the longest time, I forget the exact name of it, but it was by the brand Hardcandy and it was a volume mascara. This was way before I knew the difference between volume and length mascaras. I thought mascara was mascara. So when my Hardcandy ran out I bought NYC's Skyrise lengthening mascara and loved it. So then when that ran out I knew wanted another lengthening mascara. And my Mom sent me in to Target with a coupon for a dollar off any product by Covergirl. So I made sure the mascara was lengthening which it is and I bought that. I leave my eyes open while I put on mascara and look up, I know everyone has their own ways of applying mascara. Then after it looks decent I use the wand from my NYC Skyrise mascara and sort of spread it around. I love the formula from Covergirl Lash Exact, but I like the wand from NYC Skyrise better. So I sort of use both. Since I'm new to the beauty world, can anybody tell me if this is okay to do? Or will wreck one of mascaras? Please tell me!

4. Wet N Wild lipstick or L.A Colors lipstick. I normally use L.A Colors lipstick number (it doesn't have a name) CP232. I'm house sitting for a friend today so I don't have my Wet N Wild lipstick with me to tell you the number of that one, but it's like a metallic deep pinkish/purple. It's really pretty.

5. Maybelline Clear Mascara.  I use clear mascara on my eyebrows. After I use my eyebrow brush and brush into a way/shape that I think looks good I use the clear mascara to seal it in. I wipe off any excess mascara and then use one quick swipe across each brow.

6. CQ Cosmetics Smartliner eyeliner. Some days I'll wear their eyeliner in a gray charcoal color but most of the time I don't wear eyeliner. For black eyeliner I use either Maybelline or a non brand liquid eyeliner that I got from a boutique near where my grandparents live in the summer. For brown eyeliner I use Sally Girl liquid eyeliner. I also have a navy blue pencil eyeliner from Wet N Wild, but I don't like using pencils in makeup so I hardly ever use it.

 7. And then for the last thing sometimes I'll brush on some old (old meaning that I use it anymore because I got new stuff) eyeshadow and use it as bronzer over my nose and chin and forehead but I realized that that makes my face look REALLY shiny since the eyeshadow has glitter in it. So I don't do that anymore.

Hope you guys had fun learning what I wear everyday!
Miss Sparkle!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashionable Friday!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm starting FASHIONABLE FRIDAYS! Every Friday (unless I'm really busy that day or something) I'm going to post one fashion trend, clothing store, or item of clothing in my wardrobe that I really am loving right now! READY? Here we go!

And today's Fashionable Friday Favorite is, black leggings! Black leggings are perfect and can go with almost any outfit! I had a formal outing the other week and I didn't want to leave my legs exposed to the cold, so I put a pair of black leggings on under my black and white dress. Instead of wearing jeans one day to work or school, try wearing a pair of black leggings. As long as your shirt isn't black or navy blue, black leggings should work perfectly with almost any outfit! Of course if you're wearing a brown t-shirt with cream colored flowers on them, cream colored leggings might be a better choice, but for most outfits black leggings work perfectly! Plus black leggings are way comfier too!

Miss Sparkle!

Inexpensive Makeup

Hi everyone!

Today I'm posting about inexpensive makeup. Not all of us have a ton of money to spend on makeup products. For example the dresses Kendall and Kylie Jenner were wearing on the current issue of Teen Vogue were both over a thousand dollars each! Today I'm going to post about some of my favorite cheap makeup brands. I'm going to limit it to my fave five.

1. L.A Colors. This brand can be found at most dollar stores, especially Dollar Tree. I love this brand and surprisingly the quality is pretty good. I currently use an L.A Colors eyeshadow everyday and an L.A Colors lipstick at least three times a week. I also have an L.A Colors lip liner in the same shade, but I don't use it very often. It's not that its not good (which it is!) but I just don't like lip liners very much. They make me feel a clown, trying to make my lips really big.

2. New York Color (NYC) This brand can be found at Target for sure and I'm assuming many other places. I love this brands mascara. It is very inexpensive and cheap. It is very good quality for the price. I have also used the nail polish by this brand and loved it. It's not one of those cheap brands of nail polish for 99 cents and then when you take it home you have to put on like fifty coats in order to even see the color. NYC is really a good brand of makeup.

3. CQ Cosmetics. Okay I'll admit it, I've only used their eyeliner- Smartliner. But Smartliner is a really good eyeliner, it has so much in it for so little money. Like last month I wound it up as far as I thought could, but then I tried again a day later or so and it worked and now I'm still using it! That being said I don't use eyeliner very often (not saying I don't wear it, but I don't wear it everyday,) but I really do like it. The only negative thing I have to say is that sometimes the eyeliner clumps as I'm applying it, but that might just be my applying technique. I'm not sure. ;)

4. Wet n Wild. This brand can be found at Target for sure as well and I'm assuming at many other stores as well. I have used many products from Wet n Wild before, including eyeliner, lipstick and lip liner. As I've said before I don't use eyeliner every day and I'm not the worlds biggest fan of lip liner, but these are really good products. The eyeliner I have from them is a pencil eyeliner. I don't really like pencil eyeliners because you have to sharpen them, so that's really the only reason I don't like the eyeliner I have from Wet n Wild. I must say though that Wet N Wild's lipstick is really good. I got these lipsticks gifted from my younger brother. Now lipstick isn't something you could normally just go out and pick any color of,  you have to make it either match your lip color or really stand out. Since I'm younger I don't want a brown lipstick but I don't want to wear a bright red or pink everyday either. The colors I got gifted were like a metallic pinkish color. It's a strange color for a lipstick, but it looks really good on me.

5. Claire's. Sure Claire's might not be a 'brand' of makeup, and sure the store might be themed for 6-11 year olds, but I still really like their cosmetics. I had a mascara from there that I got in a makeup kit from Claire's that I really liked. So I went back to the store and tried to re-purchase the mascara, but I found that I could only get it if I bought the makeup kit again. So I don't use mascara from there currently, butt that's okay because it really was just a travel sized container of mascara anyways. I really like Claire's lip gloss though. I got gifted a whole pack of different shapes and sizes and colors of Claire's lip gloss and was very surprised with it. Even though Claire's might be cheap and more for the beginner make up girl then a pro, (I'm not saying I'm a pro!) the lip gloss and nail polish can be really fun to throw on real quick before you head to sports practice or before you go outside to play or jog or whatever.

Miss Sparkle

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing Silver Sparkle Beauty!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Silver Sparkle Beauty! My name is Miss Sparkle. I will be blogging about everything from beauty (duh!) to fashion, to hair and nails. I will be posting step by step tutorials, the latest fashion trends, other fashion and beauty bloggers,cosmetic reviews and much more! If you are a cosmetic person (I don't know what to call it!) that would like to have your cosmetic product reviewed, you can email me at I am not promising that I can review it though and if I do choose to review it I will give my honest opinion on the product. I will try to get a post up everyday to every other day. Thank you very much for visiting!

Miss Sparkle!