Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Everyday Makeup Look

I don't wear a ton of makeup everyday, but I do wear some. And most of it is cheap too. I'm going to write this post in order of what I put on first, and then I'll write the name of the cosmetic and where I purchased it from. Although I have gotten a lot of my cosmetics for my birthday (and Christmas) as gifts.

1. L.A Colors brown eyeshadow palette. I start with a lighter brown/orange color and work that into my eyelid. After that I put on a coat of the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) darkest brown and apply that. I sometimes try to get that into my crease. After that I take a small flat makeup brush and blend it together. I got the eyeshadow from Dollar Tree and the makeup brushes as a gift, but I know they're from Big Lots!

2. Cream Blush. I got this cream blush that I purchased at a yard sale several years ago. Okay I know your not supposed to use makeup from yard sales and I know you're supposed to throw away your  makeup after a year, and I do normally. But this blush was an exception. I love the color and the quality of the product. I think it by Avon, but the writing on the package thing (it's sort of like a lipstick tube but it's thicker) is so worn I can't even read it. What I really like about this blush though is because even though I can't apply it directly to my face anymore (its all gone,) I can rub my finger in the tube and apply it to my face that way. I rub in into my cheeks and then normally I get a little water on my both my hands and rub some off, as I normally put on too much./

3. Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara. I love mascara. Mascara is literally my favorite makeup product ever. I used Hardcandy mascara for the longest time, I forget the exact name of it, but it was by the brand Hardcandy and it was a volume mascara. This was way before I knew the difference between volume and length mascaras. I thought mascara was mascara. So when my Hardcandy ran out I bought NYC's Skyrise lengthening mascara and loved it. So then when that ran out I knew wanted another lengthening mascara. And my Mom sent me in to Target with a coupon for a dollar off any product by Covergirl. So I made sure the mascara was lengthening which it is and I bought that. I leave my eyes open while I put on mascara and look up, I know everyone has their own ways of applying mascara. Then after it looks decent I use the wand from my NYC Skyrise mascara and sort of spread it around. I love the formula from Covergirl Lash Exact, but I like the wand from NYC Skyrise better. So I sort of use both. Since I'm new to the beauty world, can anybody tell me if this is okay to do? Or will wreck one of mascaras? Please tell me!

4. Wet N Wild lipstick or L.A Colors lipstick. I normally use L.A Colors lipstick number (it doesn't have a name) CP232. I'm house sitting for a friend today so I don't have my Wet N Wild lipstick with me to tell you the number of that one, but it's like a metallic deep pinkish/purple. It's really pretty.

5. Maybelline Clear Mascara.  I use clear mascara on my eyebrows. After I use my eyebrow brush and brush into a way/shape that I think looks good I use the clear mascara to seal it in. I wipe off any excess mascara and then use one quick swipe across each brow.

6. CQ Cosmetics Smartliner eyeliner. Some days I'll wear their eyeliner in a gray charcoal color but most of the time I don't wear eyeliner. For black eyeliner I use either Maybelline or a non brand liquid eyeliner that I got from a boutique near where my grandparents live in the summer. For brown eyeliner I use Sally Girl liquid eyeliner. I also have a navy blue pencil eyeliner from Wet N Wild, but I don't like using pencils in makeup so I hardly ever use it.

 7. And then for the last thing sometimes I'll brush on some old (old meaning that I use it anymore because I got new stuff) eyeshadow and use it as bronzer over my nose and chin and forehead but I realized that that makes my face look REALLY shiny since the eyeshadow has glitter in it. So I don't do that anymore.

Hope you guys had fun learning what I wear everyday!
Miss Sparkle!