Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sixteen Super Questions And Facts Tag!

 Hi everyone!

Since I'm new to the beauty and fashion blogging world, I decided that I'd start my own tag. This way you guys can learn a bit more about me! I tag all of you guys to do this tag! And if you decide to do this tag please say so in the comments below! My answers are in a purple text.

1. What is your favorite movie currently? I'd have to say either The Twilight Saga: Eclipse or The Proposal. I love them both!
2. What is your favorite makeup or cosmetic product? I would have to say probably mascara.
3. Favorite store? Aeropostale and Goodwill. If you wash the clothes from thrift stores, most are pretty good quality! And look super cute!
4. Favorite YouTuber(s)? Elle and Blair Fowler! They both have two channels, so technially I watch four channels, but it's two people. I will put their channel names at the bottom of this post. 
5. What computer are you using to blog? An old stupid (sorry computer!) slow emachine. I sometimes also use an old desktop Dell computer. And then sometimes I'll use my Dad's computer which I forget the name of, but normally I use an emachine computer.
6. What nail polish are you wearing on your nails? Purple and blue. I'm wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polish in Deep Purple and then a blue color on some of my nails on a really old bottle I have. I can't read the label because the print on has been worn off/covered in dripping nail polish.
7. Favorite song? I love What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I also love We Found Love by Rihanna and Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavinge. Even though the last one is a few years old!
8. Favorite sport? Gymnastics! Don't you dare say that gymnastics is not a sport, it is! It's in the Olympics! I love watching it! It just amazes me how fast and strong those beautiful girls are! I also love playing/watching basketball, cheer, dance and ice skating.
9. Favorite restaurant? Olive Garden! I've only been there once in my life and love it!
10. Favorite animal? Kitties! I love cats, but especially love kittens!
10. Favorite book? I've read The Twilight Series books and loved those along with The Hunger Games. I also just read the book Full Circle by Mona Ingram and loved that too although I wouldn't consider it my favorite. I have read some of these books on my Kindle iPod app too. And the book Set In Stone by Beth Balmanno is really good too! It's hard to pick a favorite! Links will be at the bottom of this post!
11. Favorite perfume? Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. I've also used the American Girl fragrance Get Ready, Get Scent, Go! I've used those in the apple scent, tropical scent and flower scent. I love those! I have also used and loved the perfume Midnight Mermaid sold at Hot Topic a few years ago. However this scent was discontinued.
12. Favorite food ever? Pasta! Probably spaghetti or Alfredo pasta. 
13. One random fact about yourself: I brush my teeth before I go anywhere! I hate having white stuff (I think it's called tartar) stuck around the edges of my teeth! I personally think it looks disgusting!
14. Bracelets or necklaces? Bracelets! I feel like necklaces always get in my way when I'm walking or eating or something. 
15. When was the last time you cried? You don't have to say why: Last night. 
16 . What is the name of one of your pets if you have one? Jack.

Miss Sparkle!



The Hunger Games:  

 Full Circle

Set In Stone