Friday, March 2, 2012

Lets Be Honest Post

Hi guys! I saw another beauty blogger doing this post, so I asked her permission and she said I could do it, so I'm going to! Today I'm going to be posting some good and not so good things about myself.

I never wear sunscreen unless I'm going out in the sun for long periods of time. I fully encourage you to put sunscreen or tinted moisturizer with SPF in it on every day though.

I have scratches all over my body. Not that I did or anything though! I have cats, and two of them are very playful and when you play with them, they accidentally scratch you.

I don't wash my face every morning. I do encourage you to wash your face every morning and night, but I wash my face almost every night in the shower, so I don't was my face in the morning. Even though I know I should. But I don't have time.

I don't always get a ton of sleep. Most nights I get at least 8 or 9 hours, but sometimes I don't go to bed until midnight and wake up at seven. And even though that might seem normal for some people, I like to get around 10 hours of sleep. I can me mean/rude and crabby when I don't get a lot of sleep.

I pick of my nail polish. I do. I paint my nails one morning and by that night or the following the night, most of the time the nail polish is already half way gone.

I rarely clean my makeup brushes. It's probably building up bacteria and other gross things, but truth be told there's only three makeup brushes that I use at least once a week and two that I use daily. So I personally feel that I don't need to wash them very often. Let me give an example, I don't do my eyeshadow a different color every day like some people do. I ALWAYS do brown. ALWAYS. So it's not like I need to wash the color off or anything.


I exercise a lot. I've counted up the hours that I'm stretching and exercising and it rounds up to seven and a half hours a week. And that doesn't count walking around my house, around the store or anything like that.

I'm starting to watch what I eat a little more. For example this month of March, I'm not drinking any soda. I know that might sound stupid, but it's really bad for you. I've read or heard that teens today have the bones of 80 year olds from drinking soda, energy drinks and other sugary foods. Plus, sugary drinks are high in acid which break down your bones. Another thing I've heard, but doubt to be true, is that since soda has so much sodium in it, you gain a pound for every two cans you drink. I just heard some teenagers talking about it as I walked by them, so it might be totally fake about the pound for every two cans thing, but still. Soda is still very unhealthy. So if you decide that you want to join in my soda free month, then please comment below! Even though it's March 2nd, I still say that you can join!

I use lotions. Every morning (or afternoon depending on how lazy I'm being) I put lotion all over my hands and legs and then sometimes on my arms. And every night before I go to bed I put lotion on my hands.

I take my makeup off. Most of the time. If I don't take a shower then I don't take ALL of it off, only some of it, but I still always take most of my makeup off.

So I hope you've gotten to know me a little better now!
Miss Sparkle!