Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fashioable Friday- A Day Early!

Hi guys!

Miss Sparkle here! I was so excited to do this post that I couldn't wait, so I'm doing it today- Thursday night- instead of Friday.

So today I was around a bunch of college students (who a lot of times have very good fashion sense) and I spotted four girls wearing the same exact thing. Which I think might be the new fashion trend, which totally casual AND comfortable- black and white striped shirts! I think that this trend is everywhere though, including on the red carpet! This look can be casual for school or work (if you don't have a dress code) with a striped shirt, or fancy for a party or date!
Photo from

See? Even though this picture may be old, stars on the red carpet do wear stripes! So don't be afraid! Break out the stripes! I think that stripes (especially black and white) are coming back!

Miss Sparkle!