Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashionable Friday-Headbands!

Hi everyone!

Headbands are the latest trend right now. Especially for spring floral headbands rock right now! Even though Claire's might seem like they're for 8 year old's, they have awesome headbands this time of year! Seriously if you don't have any headbands go get some, they are awesome and will dress up any outfit! Even jeans and a t-shirt!

But be aware, there is a difference between headbands made from fabric (like hair tie material) and the plastic ones or the hard fabric kind. The thin ponytail holder material will make you look more ATHLETIC and are not that stylish unless your playing a sport. But the harder plastic kind (or whatever they're made of) are TOTALLY trendy and super cute!

Miss Sparkle!

Note: This post is not sponsored at all. All opinions are my own.