Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Makeup

Hi everyone!

So if you're a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games like I am, your probably trying to figure out how to do your makeup for tonight. First off I toyed with just wearing normal makeup, then I decided to try and look like Katniss, but neither of those I decided would work. I didn't want to have the full on dirt on my face and braided hair and everything because A, I was the only one in my local movie theater that dressed up for the premiere of Breaking Dawn and B, I won't have time to wash off my face when I get back from the movie. I'm literally going right to bed and waking up on the early side the next morning.

So what to do what to do? I am going to braid my hair, but that's not very dramatic. I'm not 100 percent sure this is what I'm going to do, but I am 95 percent sure this is how I'm going to do my makeup for tonight:

1. I'm going to contour (I think I'm using that in the right term, but I'm not 100 percent sure) my lower cheeks, or whatever you call that place with a dark tan/light brown eyeshadow. I don't have any bronzer in my makeup collection at the moment, so I think using this will be okay. I know it's probably not the best for you skin, but it looks okay for a night so that's fine with me. I'm going to be using a brown/tan/gold palette from L.A Colors.
2. I'm going to line my lash line (upper and lower) with a black pencil eyeliner from The Color Workshop. If you know me, Miss Sparkle, at all, I hate pencil eyeliners for the top of my eye. But I do think that Katniss would wear pencil more so then maker as I call it eyeliner, so that's why I'm using that. But if I get really frustrated then I am going to use a gray eyeliner from CQ Cosmetics eyeliner brand, Smartliner.
3.I'm going to apply a light brown eyeshadow to my eyelids. If I think that looks to light then I will go darker. This step you can adjust to however you like it. I will blend out the eyeshadow with a flat eyeshadow blending brush. I will be using either a brown/tan/gold palette from The Color Workshop or L.A Colors
4. I might apply some mascara just because I feel like I'm naked if I go out in public without mascara on. So I think I might just do it even though it doesn't look like Katniss to wear mascara.
5. I will lightly blend in some light pink blush onto the apples of my cheeks. I will use either a pink creme blush from Aveda or The Color Workshop.
6. I will put on chapstick. I don't think it will matter what color, but I will probably do either a white/cream colored one or red/pink. Although lately I have been using a blue chapstick.
7. I'm going to put on a plum colored lip 'paint' as I call it on my lips. I call it lip paint because it's a palette of lip gloss, but when you put it on your lips it feels like lip stick. It's really weird, I got mine as a gift a few years ago for Christmas, but the brand is The Color Workshop.

So hopefully by the time I'm done, I'll look somewhat like this:


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Miss Sparkle!

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