All About Me

I'm a 15 year old girl obsessed with beauty and fashion from the United States. I created this blog when I was 12 or 13 and abandoned it for several years, but I'm back now and a, very excited to be back. :) Currently, I'm in high-school as a sophomore and am planning to study marketing in college so I can go into the field of beauty marketing and advertising.

Addressing My Name/Face
Because the Internet is full of creeps, I'm not going to be sharing my real name or identity on this blog at all. I've gone under many "pen-names" under this blog, one of them being Josie. My name is not, and never has been Josie. It was simply a pen name. If you feel the need to address me by a name, you can call me Miss Sparkle if you wish.

Why My Embarrassing Old Posts Aren't Deleted
Okay like I said, I was young when I first made this blog. Some of the super embarrassing ones are hidden, but this blog was the first place where I ever truly expressed my love for beauty and cosmetics and that means a lot to me. So even though some of these posts were written by middle-school me several years back, they're important to me.

My YouTube Channel
Yes the rumors are true, I did used to have a YouTube channel. It no longer exists.

My Social Media
All of my social media is personal, and private, unless I have one remaining from this blog that I created several years ago. Regardless if I have one left or not, I will not be updating it. This blog is simply what it is, a blog. As much as I'd love to put more time into it, I simply can't. However if you need to contact me for business reasons you can email me at: