Monday, January 19, 2015

Yes To Pomegranate Lip Butter Review

Hello beauty lovers everywhere! <3

Today I have a review for you on something that I've been meaning to try for a very long time, the Yes To Pomegranate lip balm. I've never actually tried anything from the Yes To brand before, and recently just got this lip balm.

Taste: To start with, it doesn't have that bad lip balm taste that a lot of products have. It doesn't necessarily taste like pomegranate, but it definitely doesn't taste bad. 
Application: Glides on super smooth, and easy. I love the shape of the tube. 
Moisturize/Product: The product is very thick, and does leave a bit of some white stuff on your lip if you put it on too thick. However, I almost always put this on before bed, or before I put lipstick on, so the white stuff doesn't really matter to me. However it's one of the only lip balms I've been able to find that keep the moisture under a drying lipstick, so that is definitely a plus for me!
Packaging: As someone who wants to go into the field of beauty marketing, I definitely pay attention to the packaging. I didn't get a picture of the lip balm in the packaging it came in, but I remember it being cute and definitely the right color for pomegranate. I love the shape of the tube, it's angled at the right way that it's not circular like a lot of other lip balms, and it's hard to describe the shape. Because of it's unique shape, it fits pretty well into a pocket of tight jeans and fits well into a pencil pouch to put in your back pack, and it doesn't roll around the floor of the classroom when it falls out of my pocket xD. 
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars. It's not my new OMG product, but I definitely like it a lot and will probably purchase it again. I want to try the other flavors as well. :)

FTC Disclaimer: I was gifted this product for Christmas by my parents. This is not a sponsored post at all. All opinions are my own.