Saturday, January 17, 2015


Makeup lovers around the world,

Hi. I miss you all so much. I swear I haven't posted on this blog IN FOREVER. I'm back.

Recently I have re-discovered my love for beauty products and have decided that I want to continue blogging. Although I will still be blogging anonymously (you can read the About Me page if you want for the reasons)

I'm very aware that the majority of the readers of this blog have probably moved on...and honestly I can't believe anyone read this blog. xD I was 12 or 13 when I was writing it...I'm 15 now and definitely know a lot more about what I'm talking about. However, this blog was a great learning experience for me!

How the new and improved Silver Sparkle Beauty Blog will work

  • Focusing mostly on beauty related posts. There will be slim amounts of fashion posts because fashion is not as much of what I'm interested in. I will maybe post some health or lifestyle things as well, but this for the most part is a beauty blog.
  • I do not have any social media. I have my own personal social media, but that will remain private. If you need to contact me, you may email me or leave a comment on a blog post. As a high school student I do not have time to maintain multiple various accounts on multiple apps and websites. 
  • I'm not going to have a "posting schedule" at least, not at first. My ideal goal is two posts a week, but I'm really just going to try for one. However, the posts I really want to be well done and not just thrown up like some of the posts I used to do were. I want them to all be well thought out and have effort put in them. 
  • YOU! I want to hear from my readers, new and old beauty lovers, please share what you want to hear from me! Reviews? Tutorials? Empties? Favorites? Just let me know.
Thank you!
Miss Sparkle