Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashionable Friday!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm starting FASHIONABLE FRIDAYS! Every Friday (unless I'm really busy that day or something) I'm going to post one fashion trend, clothing store, or item of clothing in my wardrobe that I really am loving right now! READY? Here we go!

And today's Fashionable Friday Favorite is, black leggings! Black leggings are perfect and can go with almost any outfit! I had a formal outing the other week and I didn't want to leave my legs exposed to the cold, so I put a pair of black leggings on under my black and white dress. Instead of wearing jeans one day to work or school, try wearing a pair of black leggings. As long as your shirt isn't black or navy blue, black leggings should work perfectly with almost any outfit! Of course if you're wearing a brown t-shirt with cream colored flowers on them, cream colored leggings might be a better choice, but for most outfits black leggings work perfectly! Plus black leggings are way comfier too!

Miss Sparkle!