Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bad News and Good News

Hey guys!

I know I've abandoned this blog lately. Sorry! I just wanted to let you guys know that my posting on here is going to be VERY un often and I will mainly use this account to just follow my favorite blogs and not post on this blog very much. Also my YouTube channel (silversparklebeauty) will NOT have videos posted on it anymore. It takes up too much of my time to try and post videos, I am a teenage girl so I do have homework and sports practice and all that stuff. I may return over the summer, but for now my posting on this blog is going to be rare and my YouTube channel for all purposes will be deleted. Also the giveaway page on this blog is going to be deleted because it is to hard to keep up with. Sorry for all this bad news, but I do have one exciting thing to tell you guys! Beauty Scraps is hosting an AWESOME nail polish giveaway and I would love to share it all with you! Here is the link, hurry though it ends soon!

And this my friends, is what you could win! Good luck to all who enter!