Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Question For All Of You + How I Started Wearing Makeup

Hey everyone!

Today I stumbled upon a quiz book, it had lots of fun questions in it. Some of them were typical questions, like summer or winter? And Coke or Pepsi? But one that I saw was really cool. The question was Do you open your mouth when you put your mascara on? I had honestly never thought about that before. I asked my Mom, and she said that she thought that everybody did and that she knows that she opens her mouth. But, me? That thought had never even crossed my mind. that I think about it. Yes. I do open my mouth when I put my mascara on. I think it would be kind of hard not to open your mouth and put mascara on. And the funny thing is, I was never taught by anybody to put mascara on. I never had a teacher, my Mom (or Aunt, Grandma or anybody) show me how to put it on. I never read a book or watched a video that showed anybody putting it on.

I was about 10, maybe 9. And I had gotten a makeup kit from Claire's as a Christmas or birthday present. I stuffed it under the sink in my bathroom thinking it was all 'baby makeup' as I called it. And what I had seen had been, all sparkly kids nail polish, and eyeshadows way to bright for any person in their right mind to wear. But then one day, I opened back up the kit and and found a mini eyeliner and mini mascara tube. I was in shock, well not shock, but something like that. I had always wanted to wear what I called 'big girl makeup' and now was my chance. It wasn't that I was't allowed to, or something like that, but I never had any. I could use my Mom's on occasion, but she didn't want to share with me all of her makeup. So I put the mascara on, and for a while it was a 'special event' kind of makeup. I would only wear it to weddings, family reunions and when I went somewhere I considered special, such as out to dinner. Before I wore the mascara that one day, the only makeup I ever wore was lip gloss, eyeshadow (mostly tans and light light browns) and sometimes blush. But it was little kid makeup and was nothing serious. Once I turned about 11 or so, my makeup collection began to grow. For Christmas and my birthday I was getting more clothes and makeup then I was toys and electronics. My brother (yes him of all people) bought me my first lip-liner (which was a really dark brown and I only used once) but at least he was trying. For Christmas one year I got my first serious makeup kit. It was a Sinful  Colors makeup kit. It had three eyeshadow palettes, one 'lip paint' as I call it palette, and two mini eyeliners. I starting wearing a gold sparkly (I do love sparkles!) eyeshadow everyday along with a lip gloss or Chapstick. Then I began to get a little more serious with my makeup. I wore the mascara everyday, and somewhere around that time I started wearing blush everyday. At this time it was a pink cream blush I had gotten from a yard sale (I know it's disgusting... but whatever. I was little.) I didn't know it at the time, but that early love for beauty would lead me to what I am today, sorry if I sound lie some professor or something, Miss Sparkle. Shortly after that, about the time I turned twelve, the mascara was almost gone. And I was kind of scared to ask my Mom to take me to the store and buy some, so instead I put it on my birthday list. Thankfully, I got my wish. From my uncle, a very nice guy. He bought me the mascara from Hard Candy. It was perfect for me then, I loved it. I used every last drop in that bottle. Then when it was gone, my Mom knew I was getting more serious about makeup, so I asked her to take me to Target and get a new mascara. She did and I found one for 99 cents. I promise it wasn't that long ago, it was just a really small bottle. It was called N.Y.C Skyrise Lengthening mascara, it was awesome. I freaked out because my eyelashes looked so long, I thought everyone around me would know they were fake or that I had makeup on. Which I wasn't sure I wanted everyone to know, because not very many of my friends were wearing makeup yet. Luckily nobody really noticed me wearing makeup, well at least not my art teacher. Because when we were doing self portraits he said "See, Miss Sparkle has really long eyelashes," when he was pointing out different facial features. By the time I was 12 and a half, probably four months away from my thirteen birthday, I had established a full makeup routine. I wore blush, lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow every single day. And sometimes I would wear eyeliner depending on where I was going. If I had a special event I was going to, I would wear it or if I wanted to seem really grown up. But then about a month after I turned thirteen, I started wearing eyeliner pretty much everyday. I experimented with where I was putting it. First I tried on my lid, but that always got up almost to my brow and was all smudged. Then I tried my waterline. That was perfect. For a week. And then I got upset with how it always came off and smudged and made me look like I had really dark under eye circles. So then I went back to putting it on my lid. I watched a few videos on how to put on eyeliner on YouTube and it worked like a charm. I tried keeping my open, instead of pulling it down (which I think creates wrinkles, but I'm not 100 percent sure) and it worked perfectly.

To this day, it's still how I wear my makeup.

Sorry this was such a long post, but please tell me. Do you open your mouth when you put on mascara? And how did you start wearing makeup? I would love to know. Also, do you like these personal posts? I mean this is still going to be a beauty blog and everything, but did you enjoy knowing more about when I was younger? If so please tell me.

Thanks for reading!
Miss Sparkle!