Friday, April 6, 2012

Wet N Wild Beauty Haul

Hi everyone!

So today I was Target. I needed a few new beauty products and had a giftcard to Target, so I figured why not just go there? I personally think their selection is better (and cleaner looking) then Wal-Mart's so I normally go to Target when I need beauty products. This is a really short haul since I only got 3 items, but I'll share them anyways. I didn't mean to get all Wet N Wild products, but them and N.Y.C are the cheapest brands at Target and I am on beauty budget, so I bough their products.

1. I got a clear nail polish. I only have half a bottle of clear nail polish in my nail polish bin and decided that it would be a good move to go ahead and buy another one so one day I won't be completely out. I seriously don't know how I got down to only half a bottle (I normally have like 3) but yeah.
2. I got an eye/lip pencil sharpener. I needed a sharpener so I picked one up.
3. I got a pencil eyeliner. Most of you guys know that I don't like pencil eyeliners very much. But I'm starting to change my mind on them. I used to hate them because you had to sharpen them and even though it only takes a minute I don't have a ton of spare time in my day and stuck with what I call 'marker' eyeliners. But those don't stay a sharp point. So I think I'm changing my mind on pencil eyeliners. Anyways, I have a pencil eyeliner in almost every color that I need (black, blue and brown) at my house, but I didn't have any gray. So I picked one up in the shade of Charcoal and the number 655.

If you guys would like a review on any of these products please say so in the comments below.

Miss Sparkle!

Note: This post is not sponsored. I purchased them with a gift card I received for either my birthday or Christmas. All opinions are my own.